‘I think you should write a blog :)’…

…So declared my no-nonsense colleague, the day after informing me that it was far too early to be contemplating the idea of returning to work after my fifth lot of major eye surgery within the space of thirteen months.  ‘What exactly is a blog?  Like a diary?’, I asked her somewhat dubiously, remembering my stack of journals from earlier years, many of which I destroyed before my third round of surgery because I didn’t want people to find them and read them after my death if I failed to wake up from the anaesthetic.  ‘Yeah!’, she replied cheerily, ‘A blog online of what happened to you and how it changed your life!  You can also write about charities and spread awareness of retinal detachment.  It will keep you busy and give you practise in using the computer.’  Such practical advice, coupled with the knowledge that diary-writing proved to be a cathartic experience for me in years gone by, and a not-so-little voice inside my head which tends to rant about retinal detachment related issues has thus resulted in my decision to give it a bash and see what happens.  If all else fails, surely it’s easier to delete a blog than to make a bonfire in the garden of a rather hefty pile of thick hard-backed diaries.


3 thoughts on “‘I think you should write a blog :)’…

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