Otherwise engaged

One day during my last period of inactivity whilst recuperating from my most recent lot of surgery, I started to get a bit gloomy thinking about certain things I’d missed out on over the past year due to all my surgeries and recovery periods.  I started to make a mental list…

  • All but the first 17 hours of a holiday in Berlin
    For further details about how I spent the first 17 hours, please  see the post, ‘How it all began’: https://rdramblings.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/how-it-all-began/.  Quite frankly, I’d rather have missed the whole lot really, although at least I got to see Checkpoint Charlie and find my first geocache on foreign soil. 🙂
  • Student prizes… two years running
    Since I got my current job a couple of years ago, the task I’ve been most nervous about has been student prizes.  I know the only method of quashing this nervousness will be to crack on and actually complete the task.  But I haven’t been able to.  Because of my ruddy eyes.  Argh, argh, argh!
  • My favourite time of year at work – summer appeals, in 2014
    Missing appeals is a bit like going to the beach on a hot day and being denied an ice-cream.
  • A trip to St Petersburg
    Now this was  a tricky one.  I’ve wanted to visit St Petersburg for years, and after finally booking a short trip there with a friend back in January 2014, we then spent ages agonising over whether or not it was sensible to visit Russia because of the political situation.  Well, that decision was taken out of our hands following eye surgery number two.  However, the plus side is that if anyone *is* actually thinking of visiting Russia, I can tell you all about how to obtain a visa…
  • Two weddings
    My oldest school friend’s wedding in May this year, and my university friend’s cow-themed wedding last July.  I’d been particularly looking forward to the latter because I knew it would be highly original and hilarious.  I was slightly mollified by the fact that a friend called in on her way home to show me photos and videos during my posturing breaks, and I got a mention and a toast in the groom’s speech (we’ll skip over the fact that he forgot to toast the bride… tut!).
  • A funeral.
  • An earthquake
    I woke up on the morning of 22 May to messages on my mobile from several friends back in Kent: ‘You missed the earthquake!  The whole house shook!’ etc, etc.  With mounting concern, I checked BBC News Online, which confirmed that an earthquake, measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale had hit parts of Kent in the early hours of the morning.  My overheated imagination pictured a collection of my friends with broken limbs and my house reduced to a pile of rubble, but thankfully there was no damage or injuries.  A friend nipped over to check that the house was still standing and messaged me photographic evidence as confirmation, much to my relief.

I’m not even going to start talking about all the other things I used to take for granted, like the piles of books I would normally have read, the weekly swimming sessions, and simply being able to go out for a walk without wishing I could switch that darn sun off.  However, if any of my friends are thinking about getting married in the next year or so, if you could just hang on until my eyes are more stable, that would be grand… 😉


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