Random observations after dealing with RD for a year and a half

  • Dealing with RD stinks.  (Imagine standing knee-deep in a field of fresh manure next to an open sewer with a dog who’s just farted, and then someone throws a dozen rotten eggs at you… that’s the level of pungent stinkiness I’m talking about here.)
  • I feel that I could now confidently take part in an episode of Mastermind, as a candidate with the specialist subject: ‘retinal detachment and vitreo-retinal surgery’.
  • Every day, I’m hugely grateful for the sight I have.
  • Every day, I’m horribly afraid of losing any more sight.
  • It’s a darn good job I didn’t follow a career in painting restoration, which was what I really wanted to do!
  • The many pained lessons spent bashing the life out of an old typewriter as a teenager whilst learning how to touch-type were not wasted after all… hurrah for being able to close my eyes and touch-type!
  • The lack of support and understanding from certain people whilst dealing with this nightmare has been hugely upsetting.
  • Making the decision not to waste time on people who clearly don’t care has been surprisingly liberating.
  • Support has come from unexpected places at times.
  • A cup of tea does not make everything okay.  But it does help.  Particularly if it’s Teapigs.
  • St Lucy is the patron saint of the blind and those with eye trouble.  I find this somewhat ironic as my sister, whose name is Lucy, accompanies me to most of my hospital appointments.
  • If this had happened to me 100 years ago, I would almost certainly be blind by now, because there would have been no surgery available to repair the detachment in my right eye and the two tears in my left retina would have eventually led to a detachment in that eye as well.
  • I’m extremely glad I wasn’t living 100 years ago.
  • Retinal surgeons are like magicians, but even magicians can’t perform miracles…
  • When people complain about having to wear glasses it makes me want to punch them in the face.
  • I would very much like a pair of new eyes.



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