Following my fifth lot of surgery for retinal detachments within the space of thirteen months, one of my colleagues suggested that I write a blog, with the aim of providing a purpose in getting used to computer work again as well as raising awareness of retinal detachment and describing how the experience has changed my life.  Although feeling somewhat dubious initially, I decided to give it a go, and discovered that it’s also an excellent vehicle for having a rant and getting certain things off my chest.  Have a read, and feel free to post comments (but please be nice!).

For anyone reading this who has experience of a retinal detachment, it’s also worth me pointing out that everyone is different.  In 85-90% of cases, the first surgery is successful.  I am most annoyingly in a tiny minority of cases which have complications and repeat detachments.  Also, if you have any symptoms you’re worried about – always get them checked out with your own ophthalmologist.  It can be useful to compare symptoms and experiences, but again it’s important to remember that we’re all different.


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