Following my fifth lot of surgery for retinal detachments within the space of thirteen months, one of my colleagues suggested that I write a blog, with the aim of providing a purpose in getting used to computer work again as well as raising awareness of retinal detachment and describing how the experience has changed my life.  Although feeling somewhat dubious initially, I decided to give it a go, and discovered that it’s also an excellent vehicle for having a rant and getting certain things off my chest.  Have a read, and feel free to post comments (but please be nice!).

For anyone reading this who has experience of a retinal detachment, it’s also worth me pointing out that everyone is different.  In 85-90% of cases, the first surgery is successful.  I am most annoyingly in a tiny minority of cases which have complications and repeat detachments.  Also, if you have any symptoms you’re worried about – always get them checked out with your own ophthalmologist.  It can be useful to compare symptoms and experiences, but again it’s important to remember that we’re all different.


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  1. Melanie Shee

    I also want to say that I do find it good to know that I am not the only one who is driven mad by the fluttering lights. Last year I had 5 ops for right eye detachment- 470 lasers and silicone oil plus uveitis and a cataract from steroids! . I also had two tears in left eye and 1000 laser jabs to weld back in place and currently have detachment warning on left eye as vitreous coming away again. I am so so happy what they did to save my sight but the retinal dysfunction/ flashing / fluttering / the black / gold bubble and oil dispersing , my big bubble like a jellyfish drives me mamad at time like you! I also developmeed Charles Bonnet Syndrome which has been quite amazing but pleased to say that’s easing. Thank you for sharing your story and it’s so similar to mine. No one I know has gone through this so good to read I am not alone !

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    1. ejb117 Post author

      I’m so sorry – it sounds as if you’ve had a really tough time! When did your problems start and do you know why? Do you have PVR as well? Cataracts are almost always a side effect of the surgery and I know some people develop uveitis as well – not fun. Do you still have oil in? Charles Bonnet Syndrome must be scary at times, depending on what you see?! You are definitely not alone and thank you for letting me know that my blog has helped you – it’s one of the reasons I write it! I hope things improve for you soon… 🙂



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