This is a rough ‘Contents’ page, or an attempt to organise posts into various categories and hopefully make things easier to find.  I’ll list them in the order that they were written under each category.

Setting the scene
‘I think you should write a blog :)…’
How it all began
Where I’m at now…

Blind fear
Blind fear

Road hogs and road rage
Headlight horror
Q: How long does it take to buy a new (used) car?
Snow? Noooooooo!!

Eye to Eye 2017
Eye to Eye 2017: to walk, or not to walk; that is the question…
Eye to Eye 2017: Alex’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: Lucy’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: Nickie’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: Cindy’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: Susan’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: Bryn’s story
Eye to Eye 2017: walking in the rain
Eye to Eye 2017: celebrating our supporters!
Eye to Eye 2017: the Gloucestershire alternative

Fear, anxiety, and depression
Crying over lost sight
The unwelcome visitations of Mr Pip
“When will it ever end?”
Post-appointment panic
Dr Google
CBT in hindsight
The persistent presence of pernicious Mr Pip
But I don’t want to be a hypochondriac!

Paintings for sale!
Eye to Eye 2018: sitting it out

Hospital Visits
‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk, eye surgery under local?!’
Under Pressure
Stitched up
Impending appointment
A Grand Day Out (…at Moorfields Eye Hospital?)
Stalking the surgeons
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
‘Money can’t buy me love’…
Switching surgeons
Where’s a magic carpet when you need one?
Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!
Blind spot
I spy with my little eye something beginning with R…
Twinkles at twilight; dread at dawn
Oh silicone oil, I thought you were my friend… 😦
Strong and stable?
Edible eyes and appointment anxiety
The accidental OCT scan

Life goes on…
Home Sweet Home…?
‘Get Norm’
Otherwise Engaged
The kindness of strangers
You know you’ve had too much eye surgery when…
The ANGER issue
New vision, new job..?
Happy birthday,dear silicone oil
The surprising trickiness of seemingly simple tasks
To bed, perchance to sleep..? (Aye, there’s the rub!)
Canine eye removal
More than this..?
Christmas kindness and a criminal confession
Rats and opera glasses
And the prize goes to…
RD Holidays
The dentist’s ceiling
RD holidays: first guests
Hunt the optometrist: round 4
Seeing in the new year with a BANG
Farewell to Gill
Thoughts on the fourth anniversary of my first retinal detachment
Near-miss head trauma
Sod the Tories
“Always look on the bright side of life”…

Marching for Moorfields
Marching for Moorfields: signing up
Marching for Moorfields: joining in
Marching for Moorfields: limbering up
Marching for Moorfields: Eye to Eye!
Marching for Moorfields: the results!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with F…
Panic and paranoia
RD Tics
Pre-appointment paranoia
Q: What’s more stressful than an impending eye appointment? …
Freak! (?)
Coughs and sneezes spread fear of retinal re-detachments

Pondering Posturing
Pondering Posturing Part Two (or: “Meine Augen schmerzen!”)
Pondering Posturing: survival tips

Random ramblings
“Words, words, words”…
Random observations after dealing with RD for a year and a half
The power of… realistic thinking…?!
“Don’t get a head trauma”
The dreaded removal of the patch
The irritating issue of the emotionally unintelligent idiot
Hurrah for Jules Gonin!
“Double, double, toil and trouble”
Dietary dilemmas
Christmas lights and wire cutters
I’m voting for the NHS
Reduced vision; increased insight
Eye-opening facts about our peepers
Tooth hurty!
Don’t pretend to be a stupid person!
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (erm…)
Attributes of an RD patient
Blind skiing

Thoughts of my eye buddies
Tears and tears

Tips and (hopefully) useful information
I’m not usually a violent person, but…
Good Eye Food
Looking to the future
Dinner in the dark
The curse of PVR
I’m not an ophthalmologist, but…
Splish splash splosh (or how to get eye drops in)
But why?

Visual Explanations
‘Do you see what I see?’…
Oil on canvas
Blind baking
Visual fields

WordPress Reports
2015 in Review


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